About Mused

Who am I ?

I'm Emilie Moreau, a Web Design student in my third year at Haute École Albert Jacquard and Mused is my end-of-year assignment. The aspect that appeals to me the most are UX design and specifically UI design. I try to find meaning for all the choices I make and try to bring an immersive experience to the users.

What is Mused about ?

Above all, Mused is a website that assists you with your visits in museums. Here, I tried to focus on the suggestions of tours rather than the guided tours itself. Mused the website offers different visits according to specific themes. It aspires to make you appreciate museums with an other approach.

Why this subject ?

I was always intrigued by art history. I enjoy very much visiting museums but a recurring issue I was having is that they were vaste and you get lost quickly. With the pandemic we are facing, museum have now a one-way route to avoid people to meet and I thought it was of help to those like me who didn’t know where to start when entering a museum. Furthermore, I always believed that museum needed to be visited in several times to appreciate all the artworks to the fullest. However, with audioguide provided by museum, we always hear about the same artworks. I thought all the other paintings must have incredible stories too but were not put forward. What if there was an app to help us appreciate the artworks we are really interested in ?