Hi there! I’m Emilie Moreau, a Belgo-Japanese UX designer and UX researcher based in Brussels. I craft systems and digital experiences for websites and games through usability and engagement.

I always asked myself why some artwork has more impact than others. Furthermore, with my background in web and mobile design and my Master's in new media design, I pondered how web design has a better influence on people’s habits and consumption. There I was introduced to the world of UX design.

Alongside work, I love discovering new crafts. Therefore, I tried a lot of things; crocheting, sewing, embroidery, graphic design, ceramic, painting, videography,... When I’m able to carve time for myself, I usually go surfing - I would spend all my money on travel if I could. Otherwise, my unmissable events are when formula 1 is on tv.

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01 PlayRate
Overcome sensorial overload with video games
PlayRate was created to reduce the sensory overload of people with auditory and visual hypersensitivity while playing video games. The proposed solution is a combination of three ideas that emerged during brainstorming sessions. It is one solution spread over three devices to answer a specific problem.
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02 Fragile
Interactive Storytelling about mental health
Mental health is an important subject of society, especially after COVID-19. Fragile was created as a helping hand against mental health issues in the form of an Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN). The aim is to help people recognize signs of mental illnesses in loved ones, and illustrate how to act in a given situation.
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03 Positive
Discomfort could deepfakes create parapathic emotions?
An inquiry was conducted on the subject of positive discomfort and parapathic emotions. This subject being relatively new and unresearched, it was interesting to see how deepfakes could be used to induce positive discomfort, what already exists, how it is used, and how to measure it in a study.
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04 Mused
Visit museums in a different way
Mused is a minimum-viable project that reflects my capacity as a UI designer and front-end developer. It was created as a graduation project for my Bachelor’s. Mused offers museum visitors an immersive experience so that they can appreciate museums with another approach.
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